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  1. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    19 soat oldin

    No one talkin any how at 0:33 these mfs are SHIELDED LIKE A BOSS' INVULNERABLE STAGE??!!!?!!?!?

  2. Hard Light

    Hard Light

    19 soat oldin

    Crazy how this got 10 million view but only 64k likes. Clearly shows that it's the same people that came here to appreciate the best expansion ever

  3. Darcy Scollo

    Darcy Scollo

    20 soat oldin

    The last good season....

  4. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler

    20 soat oldin

    izanagi is my favorite exotic

  5. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler

    20 soat oldin

    malfesance is just false advertising

  6. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler

    21 soat oldin

    sad we cant experience stuff like this again in destiny

  7. ceevue


    21 soat oldin

    Best trailer they’ve made imo

  8. Kiritos Nightcore And Mvs

    Kiritos Nightcore And Mvs

    22 soat oldin

    It's morphin time

  9. Kiko


    22 soat oldin

    He couldn't return to orbit in 3 seconds.

  10. Aakash Mukherjee

    Aakash Mukherjee

    23 soat oldin

    That sounded like 2020 in advance

  11. Itay Lone

    Itay Lone

    23 soat oldin

    1 more day and 8 or so hours

  12. DEV N.E.E.T

    DEV N.E.E.T

    23 soat oldin

    -탄- 들 보다 실질적 전투력은 훈타가 존나압도적이고 수도 준내압도적인데 그놈의 비율패치덕에 우리가 항상대회에서 패해왔지...저놈들이 우리와 수만 같았으면 우리가 1등이였다!

  13. Marcello Pieri

    Marcello Pieri

    Kun oldin

    Rosso e giallo più, rosa, nero e blu I colori Power Rangers Che ragazzi eccezionali Power Rangers, Power Rangers Imbattibili e leali Proprio come li vuoi tu: speciali

  14. Bammpz


    Kun oldin

    I feel so sad watching this now with the current state of destiny

  15. Cristian Alarcon

    Cristian Alarcon

    Kun oldin

    Los CAZADORES ganaremos si o si preparense titanes porque hoy perderan jajaj esta va por ti cayde

  16. SIR MRVN


    Kun oldin

    Hunters We shall rise to claim victory

  17. Vanz Who?

    Vanz Who?

    Kun oldin

    hunter cloak reminds me of d1

  18. Seventh Seraph SI-2

    Seventh Seraph SI-2

    Kun oldin

    the little part at the start kinda sounds like black survival

  19. 잘있었어?


    Kun oldin

    "헌야호 어셈블"

  20. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Kun oldin

    Damnit, I thought this was a trailer for a new Power Ranger movie.

  21. Michael Terrell

    Michael Terrell

    Kun oldin

    How was this two years ago? And why am I still so sad and mad at the same time.

  22. Slasher


    Kun oldin

    Seeing this in my recommended today gave me so much nostalgia. I miss destiny 1 so much. Times were more fun and simple back then...😔

  23. NoFaceKyoya


    Kun oldin

    Why did they have it look like the hunter and warlocks had to team up to fight the titans lol

  24. Sergey Sokolov

    Sergey Sokolov

    Kun oldin

    Ну что титаны!? Настало время защищать свой титул!!! Один за всех и все за одного!!!



    Kun oldin

    If only it was nearly as cool as this trailer I'd be excited for more then literally just the memes

  26. bruh


    Kun oldin

    God this music, it just... I don’t know how to describe it. It’s peaceful but it helps you sleep. If you think about some deep shit like your future it makes you feel so much better, like music at the end of a kids’ movie, or SOMETHING. I’m here for that.

  27. Michael Rackermann

    Michael Rackermann

    Kun oldin

    This game has had some great tracks across its history but this... this is on a whole other level.

  28. bledwin


    Kun oldin

    Titan Master Race

  29. ScottMarikirito


    Kun oldin

    This track was most likely placed in the game as a reflection of the sacrifice the exo stranger in our timeline took. Listening to the data pads throughout the raid reveals that our own Elsie single handedly shut down Clovis and the morning star station before the collapse. Instead of Elsie killing Ana bray, in our timeline she sacrifices herself to safe humanity.

  30. DANIEL W180

    DANIEL W180

    Kun oldin

    Vamos la Titan , preparemos mais uma vez nosso "doce negocio" e treinemos nossas ombradas

  31. Quaevo Quaevo

    Quaevo Quaevo

    Kun oldin

    Reminds me of nostalgic minecraft music

  32. SubDemon


    Kun oldin

    Let's hope this year this is not rigged

  33. Ennis Johnson

    Ennis Johnson

    Kun oldin

    Are those ornaments or no can someone let me know

  34. Alex Mobley

    Alex Mobley

    Kun oldin

    D2 player this sound good D1 players it back finally

  35. Silvereon


    Kun oldin

    I see us warlocks still getting shafted on armory designs

  36. Will Rivera

    Will Rivera

    Kun oldin

    Titans gonna rule again

  37. Francisco Mena Espinosa

    Francisco Mena Espinosa

    Kun oldin

    this game is dead

  38. J. Merritt

    J. Merritt

    Kun oldin

    What the patience and time for this season even planned or rushed

  39. Beast Man

    Beast Man

    Kun oldin

    Hopefully this isn’t another bounty grind

  40. The Phoenix

    The Phoenix

    Kun oldin

    This track is truly underrated, probably my favorite in the entire soundtrack

  41. Нус Атман

    Нус Атман

    Kun oldin

    Dark Fleet sleeping in Cold Below?..

  42. Casper Bertram

    Casper Bertram

    Kun oldin

    Did anybody notice there was no stasis in the trailer

  43. Khan F

    Khan F

    Kun oldin

    Very nice 👌 👍 👏

  44. Khair1zq


    Kun oldin

    This just like something that I felt that I never saw or get its wierd how it is and this song is good I can vibe with this song

  45. SkywardKing


    Kun oldin

    They have finally become..... Power Rangers

  46. TEKAN3947


    Kun oldin

    The hunters army needs you!

  47. Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler

    Kun oldin

    I had some much fun around this time. Did many raids for the first time

  48. BaltimoreActual


    Kun oldin

    a "blowout" riiiiight...

  49. Mohammad Abdulla

    Mohammad Abdulla

    Kun oldin

    I miss this event so much.

  50. DobbySan


    Kun oldin

    Thought this was a trailer from the new power rangers movie

  51. drrtyi jiogg

    drrtyi jiogg

    Kun oldin

    Dont let this distract you, it's been over a year since we've have a hunter vanguard.

  52. Hunter2306


    Kun oldin

    Detalles de los Juegos de Guardianes: Obtendremos medallas con Actividades y cada una representará un puntaje para la clasificacion del dia: Bronce: 1 Punto Plata: 2 Puntos Oro: 5 Puntos Platino 15 Puntos La diferencia con el año pasado es que la clase que quede en Tercer Puesto el dia anterior, recibirá un bonus de puntaje para el dia siguiente, de modo que tenga oportunidad de remontar. Solo podremos apoyar a UNA clase, no como el año pasado que podiamos elegir con que clase jugar cuando quisieramos. Y recibiremos un Distintivo de Clase, que mostrará el progreso de la Clase durante el Evento. Para el progreso general del evento, habrá una Lista de Juego centrada en Asaltos. Los Guardianes solo jugarán con otros de su misma Clase, en esta lista de juego podremos conseguir Laureles, una de las dos divisas del evento Cada Dia, los Guardianes de cada Clase, tendran un modificador basado en su posicion como Clase del Dia Anterior (Si los Hechiceros terminaron Terceros, tendran los modificadores de Bronce, los Titanes terminaron Segundos, tendran los de Plata, y si los Cazadores van Primero, tendran los de Oro) Cada medalla trae sus modificadores: Oro: Aumenta la Salud, los Escudos, la Recuperacion y el Daño Cinetico Plata: Aumenta la Regeneracion de Habilidad Cuerpo a Cuerpo, el Daño Elemental y la probabilidad de soltar Municion Pesada Bronce: Aumenta el Daño y la Regeneracion de las Granadas, y el Daño Elemental. Ojo, no todo es bueno y bonito, tambien habrán Debuffs, basados no solo en el tipo de medalla, sino ademas en la Clase: Titanes: Si llevan Bronce, aumenta el Daño Cuerpo a Cuerpo Recibido. Si llevan Plata, aumenta todavia más y lo mismo si llevan Oro. Hechiceros: Si llevan Bronce, aumenta el Daño Recibido en el Aire, si llevan Plata aumenta todavia mas y lo mismo si llevan Oro Cazadores: Si llevan Bronce, se les desactivará el Radar, si llevan Plata, a eso se le suma que los enemigos no se tambalearán al recibir daño, y si llevan Oro, mantendrán el Debuff de Plata Junto a la lista de juego, tambien tendremos una Caja de Medallas, que deberemos llenar para canjearlas con Eva Levante, a cambio de un paquete de Evento. Ademas, podremos usar los Laureles que conseguimos en los Asaltos para comprar Tarjetas de Contendiente, que tendrán objetivos centrados en Asaltos, Crisol y Gambito, y que al completarlos, nos dará una Medalla de Oro. Tambien habrán Tarjetas de Contendiente de Platino, que tendrán objetivos centrados en Ocasos, Pruebas de Osiris y Supervivencia. Si logramos completar una de estas Tarjetas, antes del reinicio diario del dia Viernes durante el Evento, los jugadores que lo hagan obtendrán el estado Estrella, ademas de una recompensa especial durante la Ceremonia Semanal. Por cierto, cada Semana habra una Ceremonia donde se premiara a las Clases, la Clase de Bronce obtendrá un brillo de bronce, la Clase de Plata, un brillo de Plata y los de Oro un brillo de Oro. Los que hayan conseguido el estado Estrella tendrán un brillo de Platino. El evento principal durará del 20 de Abril al 9 de Mayo, pasada esa fecha estara disponible la Ceremonia de Clausura, y el evento general terminará el 11 de Mayo con el Reinicio Semanal y el comienzo de la Temporada 14

  53. Javier Santos

    Javier Santos

    Kun oldin

    mal juego chao

  54. Bulge Ironbeard

    Bulge Ironbeard

    Kun oldin

    This comment section is like cutting a tree and measuring the rings to see the health of the tree in the past, just check the post date and the comment will give you an idea of how Destiny or Destiny 2 was doing at the time

  55. NexusCore


    Kun oldin

    so are the new glowing class items for eververse or what?

  56. OpThomastic


    Kun oldin

    This track in particular reminds me of the Xenoblade soundtracks.

  57. Jayeson The Demolitionist

    Jayeson The Demolitionist

    Kun oldin

    So we all power rangers

  58. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    Kun oldin

    Zavala: welcome power rangers

  59. Virtuos666


    Kun oldin

    "Free for Everyone" - 99% Everversum stuff.

  60. Carrot Man

    Carrot Man

    Kun oldin

    In terms of story telling I think they did a pretty good job with this dlc tbh

  61. Lakhan Kumat

    Lakhan Kumat

    Kun oldin

    Very nice video

  62. bruh


    Kun oldin

    I hear Athanasia/Be Brave in this :)

  63. bruh


    Kun oldin

    I’m setting this as my alarm

  64. Surreal Hotdog

    Surreal Hotdog

    Kun oldin

    I still don't think hunters care enough lol

  65. Absolute Aim

    Absolute Aim

    Kun oldin

    pov: every youtuber is a titan that plays the game for 10 hours straight

  66. J Miller

    J Miller

    Kun oldin

    Annnnnnnnd my warlock looks confused ..... Do warlocks want to be warriors like titans and hunters or is the look always gonna be them dressing up to go to a ball a high society ball. Welp looks like I'm playing Titan this year ..... They look cool. Seriously though why do warlocks always look confused when it comes to fashion ? Are they warriors or are they playing dress up ? Either way I'm jumping ship and going to the dark side .....officially changing to a Titan main since they get the coolest armour . Titan brothers and sisters I hope you will welcome me in 🙂

  67. Shane Prince

    Shane Prince

    Kun oldin

    The armor design keeps getting worse.

  68. 1-0-12


    Kun oldin

    All of my fellow hunters let's finally win this thing

  69. Gabe Nuxoll

    Gabe Nuxoll

    Kun oldin

    Hopefully hunters get a buff

  70. Novashadow115


    Kun oldin

    Blue Stahli making this trailer lit

  71. festus ewere

    festus ewere

    Kun oldin

    Nice one

  72. LionHeroGames [̲̅σ̲̅f̲̅i̲̅c̲̅i̲̅α̲̅l̲̅]

    LionHeroGames [̲̅σ̲̅f̲̅i̲̅c̲̅i̲̅α̲̅l̲̅]

    Kun oldin

    " " " jogue de graça " " " corrigido!

  73. deathblade


    Kun oldin


  74. Thomas Carenter

    Thomas Carenter

    Kun oldin

    It's morphin time Go go guardians

  75. Zac PS

    Zac PS

    Kun oldin

    Go go Power Rangers...

  76. ParaBellum _

    ParaBellum _

    Kun oldin

    Oh boy, the new Power Rangers live action movie looks sick

  77. LostSquad


    Kun oldin


  78. Deaglecombat


    Kun oldin

    Go go power angels 🤣

  79. 타이탄


    Kun oldin

    근데 왜 여기 댓글 단 사람들 전부 탄붕이죠?

  80. midas flopper

    midas flopper

    Kun oldin

    Last year i participated as a titan this year im participating as a hunter